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Thread: A 3D modeler render for $10

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    Got mine!!! Just had a play with the dinosaur does seem to be primarily a rigging / animation studio, but the render options seem comprehensive (or at least complicated for a stone age Bryce / Daz User like me!). I can't see when I'll ever come to rigging and and animating Daz 3D models or stuff I build in Silo. Still the renders that I've seen look pretty superb.

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    Pictures, or it didn't happen !!!

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    Hrm... tutorial huh? The issue I'm getting is the bandwidth I'm getting from their website - I can only seem to drag out stuff at a few kbytes/sec and the tutorials are video files. I'm hoping it's just getting jammed up by all the new users.
    I've had a quick play in non-RTFM mode - my usual methodology - and managed to load up some animations. Very nice but I think I concur with Ravs on working on it further for now. It's certainly a very professional looking package (I bought the Pro version) so it's not misrepresenting itself! Some of the myriads of tiny buttons have tooltips but if you don't speak animators' argot you may not be any the wiser. I'd like to see a traditional text based Help menu - but I haven't found it yet.
    Some degree of RTFM is obviously going to be needed.
    As for it's use as a plain old renderer, I've seen some examples, it certainly walks amongst the best of them. I'm still more likely to do my stuff in POVray for now tho!
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    Yeah, I was kind of disappointed when I found out it was more for animation than 3d rendering. Still, I've got a couple ideas percolating in the back of my head for fly-through maps that may be fun. Did you see the submarine movie on their forum? WOW. I may do up a little virtual aquarium just for fun.

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    I've got what I paid for
    Wow, the UI is horrible and it seems that even the online manual just scratches the surface, but I think it is a powerful weapon if you know how to use it.
    Reading the second tutorial in the online manual I've created this small animation. Set your player to repeat, because it is only two seconds.
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