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Thread: Hand Drawn 3d Render

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    Default Hand Drawn 3d Render

    I have been researching a new render and modeling style that reads as hand drawn... I will be using this style to make the next months challenge and look forward to making a tutorial at some point.

    Here are some examples there are created entirely in c4d with no additional photoshop except for the ones with the signature.

    Hand Drawn 3d Render-drawornot.png
    Hand Drawn 3d Render-hall.png
    Hand Drawn 3d Render-lazrturret.png
    Hand Drawn 3d Render-ship1.png
    Hand Drawn 3d Render-tower.png
    Hand Drawn 3d Render-blood_rock.png
    Hand Drawn 3d Render-castle1.png

    Let me know what you guys think, and I will keep you updated on the style as it develops!

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    I'm really liking that orange mountain one - awesome sense of perspective on that, and the mountains look cool too.
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    I think you've accomplished the Reads as hand drawn very well. Looking forward to seeing how this style develops and reads in a map form !
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