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  1. CelestialBarbarian
    This map connects to the northern edge of Map 3 and to the NW corner of Map 2. Maps 1 and 2 are my most recent additions, dating from at least the 1990s, if not a little earlier. You can see the influence of my Old Norse language class, which I took in the mid-1980s, before I got my MA in history.
  2. CelestialBarbarian
    Nador Maps 1-19 come from the large northern continent, Pham, of the world of Nador. They show Pham from the western shore of the Ocean to the land west of the Chasm of Doom (the Midlands Empire), although the maps do not fully extend to the northern or southern edges of the continent in most places. The maps do not show the western portions of Pham. I drew most of them either in the late 1970s or the very early 1980s. The scale of the Pham maps is 1" = 40 miles.

    Nador Maps 20-24 show the entire great south continent, Tal, although in much less detail. I sketched Tal in the mid-1980s. The Tal maps have a different scale than the Pham maps. One inch on the Tal map represents much more than 40 miles, but I never really decided how much. Since the Tal was created inadvertently when the Musid ripped the Evil Sibling Maza out of her hellish fortress, tearing Tal from Pham, Tal must be considerably narrower (east to west) than Pham, so maybe 1" = 100 miles.
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