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  1. CelestialBarbarian
    Map 16 connects to the western edge of Map 13, the southern edge of Map 15, and the eastern edge of Map 19.
  2. CelestialBarbarian
    The circled "G" indicates the location of the Golem of Guard, a colossal epic-level construct that guards the entrance to the ruins of the abyssal fortress of the Evil Sibling known as Mazord, defeated and ousted from the world of Nador along with his sister, Maza, at the end of the First Age of Nador. I created the Golem of Guard back in the very early 1980s, before I graduated college in 1982.
  3. CelestialBarbarian
    The space to the west of the western mountain range represents the Chasm of Doom, created inadvertently by the Musid when they tore Mazord from his fortress in the great battle that defeated him and brought the First Age to a close.
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