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07-17-2009, 04:36 AM
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  1. CelestialBarbarian
    Map 17 connects to the western edge of Map 14 and the northern edge of Map 18. I have never draw what comes directly to the west, although somewhere I have a map of the very western edge of the continent, actually drawn earlier. Back in 1979 I wrote parts of an fantasy novel called The Ellmics, and drew the map for the novel. Later I decided that the events of the novel took place in Nador, and that the map i drew represented the westernmost portion of the continent of Pham. Alas the notebook containing the novel and map got packed last weekend for my impending move, so it will have to wait until after the move for me to scan and post it.

    Map 17 shows part of the Midland Empire, ruled by an evil emperor endowed with great psionic powers.

    To the east of the eastern mountain range lies the Chasm of Doom.
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