Conquer Club Maps

These are map where I was the principle artist.
Most of them are up for live play but a few are not (those either lost competitions or I abandoned them.)
  1. Canada.  I got first place in a revamp competition to replace the older version
  2. Brazil Map 
came in 2nd place in the contest
  3. Arms Race!  A Cold War themed map.  Build up your research and develop the ultimate weapons.  Radar style map map look and old computer terminal feel.
  4. Great Lakes Map.  First map where I used Illustrator
  5. Dungeon of Draknor.  Very fun to add the details to the rooms.  The closes thing I have done to a dungeon map layout before.  But still far off and...
  6. A cartoony map representing Circus Maximus race track
  7. Maze Craze.  A really big map.  Not up yet for play.
  8. King Of The Mountains.  My first and favorite map of mine to play.  Modeled in Maya to get the perspective and shadows and them colored and textured...
  9. IndoChina .  Got 1st place in the revamp competition.  Heavily used Illustrator.  Probably one of my favorite maps from the graphical construction. ...
  10. Poker Club map.  Completely different than most everything else I have done.  I setup the perspective and cards up in Adobe After Effects to get a...
  11. Pirates Map.  Lost a competition but used a CG tutorial to make the land.  It turned out quite well.
  12. Montreal City map
  13. Rail USA Map.  A map of the USA rail lines and the major hub cities.
  14. USA South West. 1 of 6 Map Pack
  15. USA West. 1 of 6 Map Pack
  16. USA New England. 1 of 6 Map Pack
  17. USA Rockies. 1 of 6 Map Pack
  18. USA South East. 1 of 6 Map Pack
  19. USA Great lakes map.  1 of 6 in a Map Pack
  20. A tribute to a very popular arcade franchise
  21. My 2nd CC map
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