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The Yawning Strait

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03-11-2010, 07:48 PM
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  1. Eilathen
    Wow, this is very very nice. How did you do it? PS? If so, care to make a tut and maybe share your brushes?

  2. Hai-Etlik
    I started out in Inkscape and added the texture and distressing in The GIMP.
  3. jesuisbenjamin
    Excellent work I think you could put your text to path (like the strait names) so as to make it looks smoother. Otherwise it's perfect!
  4. GrandonJ
    Hello Hai-Etlik. My name is Jim and I am representing Central Washington University's anthropology museum. I am interested in using your work in our newest exhibit on fantasy maps. I apologize for the unorthodox method of contact but I can't seem to find another way. Essentially my colleagues and I were given three weeks to design and setup an exhibit on fantasy maps. Copyright law prevents us from using published works without permission and our time frame is so short that this is near impossible. However, I was referred to this site and saw your work and was immediately intrigued. I would like to put your work into our exhibit. If you are interested please contact me at Once again I apologize for the unorthodox approach and I hope to hear from you. Thank you,

    Jim Grandon
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