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02-09-2011, 11:47 AM
World of Ur
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  1. gamefreak651
    wow holy this is good
  2. Aenigma
    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet map. Well done!
  3. Eilathen
    Wow, this one is a stunner! Very good looking. If you're willing, tell us a bit about the world and the empire of Rothmenar.
    The border is especially nice, btw. Did you draw that yourself or is this taken from somewhere. Very evocative.
  4. sd-master30
    You put an amazing amount of work into this. Bravo!
  5. Josh H

    Very nice map! I love seeing a glimpse of the unique flora, fauna, culture and deities who inhabit your world of Ur and the borders of your map. Great map!

    -Josh H
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