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12-19-2009, 03:51 AM
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  1. AutumnRain
    Wow! This one is amazing!
  2. Tigon
    Ahh... the prompt for my joining of the Guild.
  3. Przemek
    This truly is amazing work. I would like to get in touch with to discuss some business concerning this map. Please drop me a line ASAP on

    Best regards,
  4. Martynas Martin
    Can you send me higher resulution version of this map, please?

    Best map I ever seen in this Forum. Keep it going!
  5. Orgrund
    A very beautiful
  6. Realmwright
    I agree with Tigon wholeheartedly! This is what led me to the guild. I found this through Google when I read the books a couple years ago and it will always be my go to for Westeros. I picture this when watching the credits for the show. You really ought to be contracted by GRRM for an illustrated guide to the kingdoms.
  7. 1126
    Hallo Tear! This one is just gorgeous.. It's by the far the best map I've seen from Westeros so far, and it's higly likely the best one out there at all

    I searched for maps of Westereos for a little project at the university. We need to make a GIS (Geographic Information System) and I'd like to make it about The Starks and how they get scattered all over Westeros and beyond. Therefore I need a beautiful map and by searching for it and stumbled over yours. Would you mind me using your map for this project? It would be great to get your permission and I would be grateful indeed!

    Please let me know.
  8. conquerermtm
    Hello Tear,

    Do you have a higher resolution version of your Westeros map?

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