Jacemachine's Game Maps

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A series of RPG maps that I have used or was planning to use in a game.
  1. Mayan Tomb Dungeon -- an obsolete version of an upcoming dungeon crawl.
  2. Orino Perro -- A small village along a river in Guatemala
  3. Mayan Shrine -- off in the jungle a remote shrine awaits for the PCs to fall through the floor into the cenote chamber.
  4. Two levels of a subterranean adventure I have planned. I'm looking for the first page still...
  5. This is a collapsed cenote that opens under the PCs feet when their combined body weight makes the floor cave in.
  6. Loder's Island -- a private island in a Pennsylvania lake. The owner was a private collector of interesting and obscure artifacts and relics. One of...
  7. El Halcon -- The Riverboat in the heat of a battle against Cannibals! El bastardos!
  8. Isle Noir once more, this version has been fiddle into PaintShop Pro, and I have shown defined regions for certain random creature encounters to...
  9. The Welcome Center - Hand drawn early draft.
  10. B4: Ancient Evil Temple of Doom below Echo.
  11. B2: Ancient Evil Temple of Doom below Echo.
  12. B1: Ancient Evil Temple of Doom below Echo.
  13. Another unusual Wild Western style town, this one is built in a stone bowl, more or less.
  14. Every see those cool hand drawn maps of the USA or the World with the Landmarks drawn in at exagerated scale? That was what I was going for here.
  15. Echo: 
The western-styled town nestled between four rock spires that stand hundreds of feet into the air.
  16. Echo - Town map initially inspired by a published map in d20Past. Being in a crunchy for time, I swiped some of it, and added my own spin. 
  17. Map of the Lost City by jacemachine
  18. Located in a badlands desert world called The Futile Crescent, this cave was used by a small cadre of banditos. 
There was a hole in the roof of...
  19. A rough map used for layout purposes. I like hexagonal maps for my world maps for some reason.
  20. Welcome Center interior
  21. The Pulpit Cantina -- former church turned into a drinkery. Design is meant to evoke Mos Eisley cantina feel.
  22. City map of Puerta de Santa Boca. Sloppy, but effective.
  23. Welcome Center's basement
  24. Isle Noir.
  25. "Machete Landing" -- former mission turned jungle outpost.
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