Valarian's Showcase

Various maps done by me, shown for your pleasure and enjoyment (hopefully)
Unless otherwise stated, images posted by me to the Cartographer's Guild website are Copyright © Ian M Kirby.
Please ask permission before using them elsewhere.
  1. UB5 Sector Map
  2. Gwaelydd Peninsula
  3. Kalpana - System Chart
  4. Kalpana - System Map
  5. Traveller: Beowulf (Type A Free Trader)
  6. September 2008 Challenge Map - CC3 w. Sheet Effects
  7. Deckplan of a small scout ship (100px / 5ft)
  8. Being the Towne of Droitwiche and Environs
  9. Kenmare, a mining village in the Caighyr region of the Gwaelydd Peninsular on the World of Belmyr
  10. Carnedd Player Map 
A region of the Gwaelydd Peninsula on the World of Belmyr
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