My Completed Maps

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  1. Great River Region  
Another commissioned piece for Knight Errant Games.
  2. Lands of the Icewind 
Here's my contribution to the 10 year anniversary Guild World Map.
  3. Akaos Commission 
A commissioned piece for an upcoming RPG.
  4. The Barrowlands Final Small 
A commissioned piece done for Knight Errant Games.
  5. Hidroth Lea was an important town in the longest running campaign I've DM'd.  I've been meaning to map it for years, but only recently got around to...
  6. Arkhemia  
This is a commission I did for a client who wanted a world map to be used in his RPG campaign.  The client wanted the map design to be...
  7. Amrok Commission 
Here's a commission I did for a private RPG campaign.
  8. Verold Commission 
Here's a commission I did for author Chase Blackwood's novel,  Tears of a Heart, The Kan Savasci Cycle.
  9. Brandish Small 
Here's a commission I did for an author.  The original reference map looked suspiciously like South America.  My client gamve me...
  10. Domum Trinity 
Here is a commission I did for a client working on an e-comic called Sympathy for the Devil.  From my client: 
"Tad has been an...
  11. The Island of Thild 
Here's a map I drew for a campaign I'm beginning.
  12. The Old Barrows Handout 
Here's a surface level dungeon map I made as a handout for my players.
  13. Avidiron LV 2 
An OSR style dungeon map for my campaign.
  14. Kera Option 3 
This was one of two pieces I was commissioned to do several months ago for a new multi-player online game in development called Rise...
  15. Ruins of Dragonport Final Small 
This was my entry for the June 2013 mapping challenge.  The challenge was to map a keyed entry from a hex map.  I...
  16. Palladium Display Small 
This was a private commission done for a fan of the Palladium RPG. Though this is the finished map that I will be...
  17. Velek Mines Panorama 
Here is an Old school dungeon I created for a campaign I'm starting up. 
  18. Trinity - An Abandoned Commission 
This was a commission that I did for a small independent RPG.  I was nearly finished with it but inexplicably...
  19. Sunrise over Boreas 
This is a map I did for the June 2012 Map Challenge.  It's my first time doing a sci-fi map and I'm fairly pleased with the...
  20. This is just me playing around. 
  21. This was a map I did while writing a recent tutorial on making maps in this style. 
  22. Candia 
This was my second commissioned map, which was also done for an author.  I experimented a bit more with grunge and texture to try to...
  23. An Unnamed Commission 
This was my first commissioned map, which was done for an author seeking a map to help aid him in writing his novel. 
  24. Eriond Final Small
  25. Here's another version of my Lothgar Map; a sort of homage to a2area's "Israh" map.
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