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05-08-2010, 03:39 PM
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  1. gamefreak651
    very nice keep up the good work
  2. arsheesh
    Hey thanks for the encouragement gamefreak!
  3. Riggamorphus
    Hey arsheesh,

    This is one of the coolest maps I have seen. I wish I could do work like this. BTW I was born in Oregon, Grants Pass. Love the area but move on to other western states. You campaign still?
  4. Scionical
    Stunning. If you ever need a Padawan, let me know.
  5. arsheesh
    Ha Ha. I'm very much a Padawan myself Scionical but I'd be happy to pass on any tips I've gleaned over the past year and a half. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

  6. shanytopper
    Hi there
    I wish to use your maps for my RPG campaign, can you please send me a copy without the texts and the location marks?
    Thanks in advance
    Shany Topper
    shanytopper - at - gmail dot com
  7. Enforcer84
    Excellent work!
    I'm pondering a commissioned map and love this style Would you be interested in sending me your rates? I'm a total noob here so I can't get PM's yet. But I believe you can email me through the site....or I could make 4 more posts some where.
  8. arsheesh
    Thanks Enforce84, I've been gone for a bit but I just saw this. If you have made the extra posts you please feel free to PM me through the CG mail system. Otherwise, you can always contact me via my deviantart account. Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. DrNick77
    Hello Arsheesh,
    I've noticed you have been using GIMP to create these stunning maps. As a bit of a beginner myself, do you have any advice on techniques on how to get the best out of GIMP? Keep up the great work.
  10. arsheesh
    Hi there DrNick, welcome to the addiction! Well for this map here I used Gidde's conversion of Ascension's Atlas Style Map (which can be found in the Tutorials section of this site). The other maps since this one have largely been the result of allot of trial and error. One thing I'd recommend getting if you haven't already is the Layer Effects plugin, which is really helpful when it comes to working with icons and text manipulation. As to other tips and tricks, I have written a few tutorials on map-making techniques with GIMP (you can find links to these in my signature), and have gotten about halfway through a walk-through regarding my other Eriond map, but that was before school started back for me and now who knows when that will be finished. Other than that, I'd just recommend reading through the tutorials others have written and practicing allot with GIMP. Soon you'll discover new tricks on your own. Best wishes to you.

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