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04-29-2011, 07:03 PM
My Completed Maps
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  1. Harrg
    It is absolutely beautiful. (крутая карта)
  2. arsheesh
    Thanks Harrg! Much appreciated.

  3. pamoa
    wow a stunning pure jewel
    I have no word
  4. arsheesh
    Thanks so much for the kind words Pamoa, it's nice to get such feedback.

  5. shanytopper
    Hi there
    I wish to use your maps for my RPG campaign, can you please send me a copy without the texts and the location marks?
    Thanks in advance
    Shany Topper
    shanytopper - at - gmail dot com
  6. brunno241189
    one word...epic
  7. arsheesh
    Thanks Bruno!

  8. Realmwright
    Disgustingly good. I love the place names. I just joined, but I've been admiring your gallery for some time now. I'm drawn back to it again and again. Stunning. You get a gold star for EPICNESS!
  9. arsheesh
    Wow, thanks so much for the glowing compliment, it's really encouraging.

  10. Perseus
    Wow! Beautiful. This is ready to drop into a novel or RPG. Fantastic work. Beautiful shading, textures. What I love most about this, aside from the fabulous art, is the naming system, collection of towns, and the unspoken mythology that just jumps out at you. It's a living land already and I want it for playing tabletop RGP with my kids.
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