Maison De Fou

An interim adventure for my group. First attempt at drawing my own maps.
  1. First Floor - Chapel
  2. Basement - Salmir's Closet 
The water flows up the side of the pit and out of the room.
  3. Basement - Storage
  4. Basement - Feeding Chamber. 
The players slide down the ramp and into the muck and have to exit out the door to the "Feeding Chamber"
  5. First Floor - Cloister
  6. Top Floor - Fire
  7. First Floor - Chapter House
  8. Top Floor - Stone
  9. Top Floor - Ice
  10. First Floor - Dojo Activated 
Traps activated.
  11. First Floor - Dojo 
Training Dojo, the cabinet to the back controls the mechanics.
  12. First Floor - Dormitories 
I generated the font on the table myself.  It does say something, but you can make it say what ever you want.
  13. First Floor - Infirmary 
This area has been taken over with undead.  Honestly, I'm not happy with the map, but... it was my first.
  14. First Floor - Temple 
The rows of candles around the walls are floating in water troughs about 5 and 7 feet tall.  In the center is a stone plinth...
  15. Top Floor - PC's Houses (to be finished by players)
  16. First Floor - Stables
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