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03-02-2011, 05:56 PM
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  1. xerhino
    Great town, good color choices and object distribution. I must say I find the text shadow depth a bit much. I can understand your wanting the text to stand out more, but in some places where there is other visual clutter, the shadow depth seems jarring and hard to parse. Or perhaps the shadow looks better cast under the text, but not to the side of the text. In any case it's a minor issue on a great map.
  2. veracusse
    Thanks for the comments. This map was one of my first. I think with this one I hadn't yet fully figured out how to make text on a map stand out better. If I remember correctly, someone made the comment to use an outer glow on the text rather than a drop shadow. That was good advice.

    If I can get the File Upload Manager to work for me I will add a couple of my newer maps to this album.
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