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06-15-2008, 02:37 PM
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  1. Djaii
    This is gorgeous. Do you use software? How do you make it look so "analogue"?
  2. Gamerprinter
    I use Xara Xtreme Pro 4 to pre-design elements I intend to hand-draw with tracing paper. Then I do all my hand-drawing, scan that at 200 ppi TIF, import to Xara and apply colors, any shadowing and bevels in that application. I do this for most of my maps.
  3. Djaii
    How many hours does this piece require and what would you commission it as?
    The end result of that process is very polished, nice work.
  4. Gamerprinter
    I've got 3 hours drawing and 1 hour finishing (adding color, beveled shapes, drop shadows, labeling), so 4 hours total. I charge $20/hour, thus $80 for a commission of this map.

    Just for your knowledge, I am doing maps for Rite Publishing's Kaidan setting handbooks, I have an upcoming commission of 3 maps for Troll Hammer Games, and I am planning to run a Kickstarter to fund an illustrated guide to my own county's 4 state parks for a release in December. So my schedule is very full. I would have to see when I had the time to dedicate to such a project for you. 4 hours doesn't seem much, but it takes a lot of dedication for me to allot the time to do such.

    I am open to such a commission, but it's finding the best time for you and me.

    Michael Tumey
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