Battlemaps: A collection pre CG GIMP attempts,

These are battlemaps that I made for my D&D Oriental Adventures Online Gaming round.

They are my first attempts at mapping and also the first serious gimping attempts.
  1. Made a battlemap out of asSatellite picture.. i liked the outcome but didn't have any use for it yet.
  2. The castel ruin.
  3. This is the road to the Castle
  4. This was an Water Earth Elemental Enocounter after a Rock/Mountainslide
  5. This is Map shows the room on over the gate in the Castle Battlemap
  6. My 2nd battlemap: I made this because the bear from the first battlemap fled into the forest!
  7. My most up to date project: The final version of the mountain lake with the wooden swimming houses.
  8. This is a preperation for a mountain lake shore encounter.
  9. My first map: "Beardance" It's a big cave. The stlye is still very rough.. and using the picture of a cave as a backround was probably not the...
  10. This was my 3d map: It's a stoney mountain pass/road. (Perfect for ambushes!)
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