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Eino on Old Parchment, English Labels

Things done:
Better parchment color, texture, and basically everything
More contrast
Added a few more rivers
Better and more varied mountain symbols
Better and more varied forest symbols
Fix mountains

Things to do:

Now I just need to redo the labels first in Eindo, then in Eindo using the Eindo alphabet.

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07-26-2010, 04:57 PM
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  1. Aenigma
    Nice, but just a tip; People tend to get annoyed by names like gnrvo and psdhch, but if it's a vital part of an alphabet you made up yourself then I guess you don't have to worry that much

    Other than that, It's a great map!
  2. nai888
    Hmmm, I'm not quite sure I see where you're seeing any names like that. You're implying that my labels include huge consonant clusters, but in general the Eindo language is actually a bit more vocalic than English is. Keep in mind a few things: the [j] in this language is pronounced like the consonantal [y] in English, [y] in Eindo is pronounced as a vowel as German [ü], and the combination [ng] at the beginning of Ngutevro is technically only one sound, the same sound that is at the end of the English word "sing." [zh] is to [z] as [sh] is to [s], and similarly [dh] is to [d] as [th] is to [t]. These are all more clear on the map which is labeled using the Eindo language, rather than English, because they are all represented by a single letter, rather than a digraph. Other than that, there really aren't any labels that I see which appear to have consonant clusters like that. Could you specify an example?
  3. moriturimax
    That Vynaesh guy sure liked naming stuff after himself! 8 )
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