Sketches, WIPs and completed maps -beginner

These is my first album where I am uploading all my wip's, finished maps and once i buy myself a scanner also hand-drawn maps. Don't expect perfection here :)
  1. wip junjul final greenish2
  2. wip junjul final greenish
  3. wip junjul final golden
  4. WIP Island of Piron final old
  5. The world highlighted
  6. WIP Island of Piron final vintage
  7. WIP Island of Piron final greenish
  8. Bour River Valley1
  9. My first GIMP map
  10. Sketch: Political map of the "Lands of Conflict"
  11. Sketch: Lands of Conflict: River map with mountains outlines (hope the name isn't copyrighted, i just named it that way way back when i started...
  12. Hand-drawn: World of Florensis
  13. Hand-drawn: World of Florensis
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