My maps

A Simple collection of some of the many (admittedly crappy) maps I've done over the years.
  1. Island shape 14 (Wip) 
A large map I'm making.
  2. "empire 2" 
Just an old map.
  3. "dannes fantasy map gigantic forest 4" 
One of my older versions of the map for my book.
  4. "1 huge planet 65" 
Another possible map for my book. 
It has "65" in the end of the name 
because I name my maps "bla bla 1" and then "bla bla 2"...
  5. "fantasy mappisch big borders 5" 
Just a map I did once to experiment with mountains and the markings of nation borders.
  6. "map planet continents 5" 
This map has some of the (in my opinion) best continent-shapes I've ever made. I've tried making a more detailed version...
  7. "fantasy map by Darkaiz 2009" 
I think this is the first "serious" map I ever did.
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