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The city is built around a huge waterfall – whence the nickname, "silver" being the reflection of the sun or the moon on the sprinkling water – and as such it is the point of passage between the high and the lower course of the river Kelerion, which is by far the greatest river in the world and, as such, one of the largest avenue for commerce.
However, the city has a decidedly militaristic character, due to their constant fighting with the Namharim tribes (bull-riding barbarians, no less) who roams the highplains you can see in the minimap (east of the city). The city is therefore ruled by a mixed aristocratic-democratic regime, similar to the hoplites system in some ancient Greek poleis, where only the arm-bearing men – plus women who have sons enrolled in the military, a remarkably openness toward women in the "Kelerion" culture (the whole course of the river has been colonised prevalently by the same ethnic group, although of course with some mixing, and they share a more or less common language despite political divisions, "Kelerion" indeed meaning "river of the language").
Since the city houses a considerable population of merchants, especially in the lower section, there is a considerable political tension – to the point that the mercantile population tries to avoid the city legal system, using instead their own tribunals to settle commercial controversies. The non-military citizens also tends to be culturally and religiously similar to the populations of the lower course of the river, while the soldier-citizens sees themselves as closer to the austere ancestors coming from upstream (they all presume to come, originally, from the higher plateau, the second one going upstream which you can see on the minimap, though very few have actually travelled there in the last few centuries). However, the pressure from the Namharim and the other cities from the lower course of the river, keeps Kiryakor citizens together, their divergent ideals and ways of life notwithstanding.

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  1. weezdiggity
    What program did you use to make this map? I think it looks very awesome and it is definitively the sort of map I am looking to create for a game I have in development.
  2. feanaaro
    It's all photoshop. You may find the WIP here
  3. Diamond
    This is AWESOME.
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