My finished maps

In this album, you'll find all the maps I'd finished
  1. The city of Tía by night
  2. The city of Tía
  3. The originel Antésye Country  in B&W
  4. The originel Antésye Country
  5. another night view of this country (with a darker night and a signature less visible)
  6. a night view of the Pays de Tía
  7. A satellite view of the Known Lands of Nezubse
  8. A map of the Hägrabönze'Seven Kingdoms
  9. La Confédération Sináréenne nerly 200 years ago, during the war against the pirates
  10. La Confédération Sináréenne nowadays
  11. A map of the Northern continent of Nezubse (the one where my novel begin)
  12. A map representing the univers of my wife's novel
  13. Satellite view of le Pays de Tía.
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