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A sample map I did for portfolio, this one is the first finished (digital and crispy) reticulated map I do ever.

I was given a pencil sketched version of this map to do a final version of it for reviewin. The location is a Cheliax prison used in a PFS scenario.

Personally I liked this one but it may have ended up looking very "video-game" like, which means no outlines or little "hand-made" look. I do like it but is not a style you see often in tabletop RPGing. Now I see it and I'd like to add more dreesing, like torches or maybe more detail on the water... but this is not wise "business-like speaking", 'cause time is money and this one has already more time on it than it should.

Anyways, I think I'll continue using this style and try to find a name for it in case a client wants his stuff looking like this :D

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