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Furniture Store.

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08-17-2010, 12:33 PM
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  1. sayosen
    A few questions for fellow Cartographers:

    1. I rarely add labels and/or descriptions onto my floor plans, but would they help fellow Cartographers understand these?
    2. Would there be a better way to illustrate the lower level at the back of the store? While I think it is very clearly laid out, I have the advantage of having created it. Other's might not be so sure how it works.
    3. Are these floorplans of use to anyone?
  2. Korash
    This may be a few day late and a dollar short, but in answer to your questions:

    1 - I think it is quite clear as it is, and I would not add any more labels.
    2 - I am assuming that the rear of the lower floor is all warehouse, and as such could use some illistration (for location of the shelving and such), but I understand wanting to go minimalistic in order to save space. I do have a question about the rear doors on the display foor though....What do they open to? Two double doors seem to be a bit much for access to the warehouse, if access is granted through them. If they do, how do people get to the ground floor from here? Maybe another elevator? I think something like that would be in order as it would be a MAJOR pain to move stock into the main display area otherwise.
    3 - I know I would have used these quite a bit while I was GMing a Champions campaign about 5 years ago....
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