A map of Rokugan or Oriental Adventures. Some notes:
1.I have change the names of clans to japanese names and japanese mythologics animals. So the names are: Suzako Kai (Phoenix Clan), Seiryuu Kai (Dragon Clan), Byakko Kami (White Tiger Clan instead Lion Clan), Genbu Kai (Black Turtoise Clan instead Crab Clan), Tsuru Kai (Crane Clan), Inori Kai (Fox Clan instead Scorpion Clan), Kirin/Kitrinvor Kai (Unicorn clan) and Fugu Kai (Blosfish Clan instead Mantis Clan) and Ga Kami (Mouth God, the enemy).
2. The map point the Genbu Kai lands to north because this direction is the Turtoise Guardian on Budhism.
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