Ye Olde Maps

Yes indeed, this album contains maps.
  1. Egyptian/Arabic/Aztec/African mashup.  Now with necromancers!
  2. Entry for December '10 Monthly Challenge.
  3. A sort of semi-Egyptian/Arabic/central Asian mashup, with very mean pseudo-elves in the north.  :D
  4. Caption
  5. ItalianRepublics 
A world where Napoleon is a Florentine mercenary fighting the Turks in Egypt.
  6. BundMap
  7. herebevampyres4 
Alternate history with vampiric European states.
  8. AnnesLegacy 
Map showing an alternate history where Anne Boleyn ruled as Queen of England for quite a while...
  9. AnneiraV5 copy 
The fifth revamp of a map/setting.
  10. Tropan 
The umpteenth million revamp of one of my oldest settings.
  11. Northmark 
Playing around with Ascension's fabulous 'Swiss Map' tutorial.
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