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12-26-2010, 11:19 PM
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  1. jesuisbenjamin
    I like the way you named regions by twisting existing names. Do you know what Ghorastan means? Depending on the transcription it could be horse-land or white people's land
    Why keep Albion as such though?
  2. Diamond
    Ghorastan could actually work for both translations - settled by 'Europeans', and I had a thought that the region was famed for horses.

    I kept Albion because it's well-enough known as another name for England/Britain to let people know what its supposed to be analogous to, but exotic-sounding enough to use on a fantasy map.
  3. Harrg
    I like it
    Especially it to be pleasant to me as you have deformed Russia in Россиян, it is very conformable with the name in a native language (Россиянин\Русский\Russian), I know the cities of Voronezhs and Ryazan
  4. SupaDupaZombeeh
    Beautifull artwork...
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