Glory Shall Be Mine

Map for a strategy-diplomacy board game I am developing. (Extension of former Kagan, which has aborted).
  1. 6. Final map: border, and seas are added to the map. The banners were of use after all. Trees were added to add to the texture, together with the...
  2. 3. I originally wanted to name cities with banners, but the map became too busy.
  3. 2. Originally wanted regions, but aborted and replaced by cities (although comprised in regions too).
  4. 4. Added cities, stars seemed to simplify the iconography, names are kept small, because it's a game map and must remain readable (i.e. not covered...
  5. 5. Adding mountains and some landscape. It took me quite a while to design mountains fitting the overal cartoonish theme.
  6. 1. Began with a map of Europe, divided into regions. I wanted a water-colour texture for this map.
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