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11-16-2011, 01:50 AM
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  1. furiousuk
    The final map. There are a few oddities kicking around the map but I'm still quite proud of it!
  2. Barliman
    First map? It's gorgeous. The only suggestion I can think of is the addition of a scale. I've only just started working with mapping software; I hope I can do something even half as nice.

    (Heh. Just noticed "Lake Tahoe." One of my favorite places. )
  3. furiousuk
    Thanks for the comments, I've actually just updated this work by adding a scale (allowing with a couple of extra little things). The WIP thread is found here where I've detailed a little bit more about what I did and why as well as some other good pieces of advice that helped me to get this one done. It's a practise piece really, most of the naming was done from things on TV at the time, hence the name of the coast!
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