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2011 Venarago Land of Screams Zoning pop. 750

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11-27-2011, 06:43 PM
Planet Kidasuna
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  1. Otviss
    Wow. Wonderful How did you achieve this look? it appears to be handdrawn
  2. darkseed2012
    The map is hand drawn. I used a computer to color the river and buildings. I did edit a little to clean up the image a little to erase little unwanted marks and such. The original is just as stunning. It's hanign at my friend's house. Hand drawing maps is just as much a skill as using photoshop.
  3. Otviss
    I see, it is truly stunning. But what about ... those lines, in a bunch. they look like farms. Are those also hand drawn?
  4. darkseed2012
    Everything on here in hand drawn. I only colored the building with MS Paint in Windows Vista. All the lines are hand drawn with a 6 inch ruler. I guess this is my Aspie Skill. I wish I was skilled with numbers, but I'm fine with maps, because they are fun to draw. I have drawn the farms with certain spacings for certain crop types. The thinnest are for corn, gain and stuff like that. The medium spacing is for stuff like grapes or vinyard type crops. the widest lines are for orchards.
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