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World Map of Tethadrias

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12-02-2011, 12:19 AM
Finished Maps of Tethadrias
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  1. gwiley
    Hello - clicking the map, I could not view the whole map but was able to see portions. I like the compass - clean, lean, and well lettered. The miniature of the ship is very well done and almost contrasts with the large impact effect of the islands - a view must zoom in to appreciate it. Labeling the islands over the shape of the islands gives the names a much stronger impact than the island itself. The size of the labeling gives a lot of emphasis to the name. Did you consider offset labels or smaller font size?

    Of course, your choice entirely, but I wonder if you will enter more detail with your land areas. On the other hand, stark and broad are powerful presentation techniques.

    Regards, Gary
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