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Vodani Huntship 2 floors bg

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03-02-2014, 03:11 PM
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  1. Bogie
    Vodoni Huntship. I made this SpellJammer ship map to go along with the Lamprey ship. They were both made for a SpellJammer game I ran at TotalCon last week.
  2. xpian
    I ran this adventure back in the early 1990s for my Spelljammer campaign, and remember really loving it. Tons of bloody action and interesting world-building. My PCs were romping around in a converted Ogre Mammoth. They were fond of ramming.
  3. Big Mac
    Beautiful! I can't find the "Like" button for this image otherwise I'd be giving this a Like!

    I do like the detail you have on your ship weapons. Have you built up a library of those, so you can drop them onto various ships? Are those some sort of firework/rocket launchers at the sides of the ship?

    It is brilliant to hear that SJ adventures are being run at conventions! Did you use an existing one or create one? Would you be willing to discuss details at the Spelljammer forum at The Piazza (or have a bespoke adventure published by Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine)?
  4. Bogie
    Glad you like the ships. I can't take credit for the ship weapons, they were all posted on the DundJinni Forums by other artists. I just resized them and placed them on the ship. The one with the multiple arrowheads is a rocket launcher.
    The SJ game I ran at Totalcon was one I created, but calling it an "Adventure" would be a stretch. " Prince Andru's wife and child have been kidnapped and are being held on this ship by a group of Vodoni. Attack the ship with your Lamprey ship, board it and try to rescue them." end of story, the time slot was only 4 hrs. So just a quick hack n Slash. I didn't even write it down just played it off the top of my head with nothing more than the map and a list of monster stats.
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