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Classic Arden Map

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01-15-2012, 12:53 PM
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  1. Aetherius
    Whoa, this is huge, and incredible!
  2. HarryJJ
    Very very impressive!
  3. Creios
    This is awesome!!!
  4. LeonidasII
    Nice, what did you use to make this?
  5. grangarian
    I'm in awe, this is superb!
  6. Belisarius07
    Simply stunning work!
  7. makaki
    This looks just great, I wished I was that talented.
  8. Bog97th
    I love the use of mild colors. I gives the map an old world feel. Almost faded.
  9. Otviss
    This is unbelievable....
  10. Schwarzkreuz
    Thanks! I realy look forward to update this map.
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