The Erian Islands

Far to the East near where the Sun comes out from the burning cauldron of Vanar lies the Islands of Eria. The High kingdom is made up of smaller Kingdoms and chiefdoms. One of the larger Kingdoms is that of Erlun.

I admit I did pinch the Scroll and the northpoint as they were so nicely done. Its crammed full of text which on a photoshop file is layered and so easily editable. I think the coastline needs more emphasis....

I've updated the text on the map and placed it within a decorated border based on the D&D 3.5 core book styles. Again the actual coastline around needs lightening to lift it. I'll do it soon! I was having too much fun adding details to the map! ALso in the pipe line is Erlun's capital city which for the moment is also called Erlun but there's a possible name change on the horizon.
  1. The kingdom of Erlun with new mountains, and a whole host of details. Its a bit crowded but each feature is on its own layer for easy editing.
  2. the Kingdom of Erlun v1
  3. The kingdom of Erlun
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