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The kingdom of Erlun

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01-19-2012, 09:03 AM
The Erian Islands
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  1. Madandy
    This is a rough version, some of the land isn't correctly within its borders. The coast of Lona isn't drawn in (it willbe added once that island is done). The names are a bit jumbled as they all appear on the one map at once whereas they can be taken off or added depending on whats required.

    I've spent ages getting the names to sound right based on the Erlish language. Many maps to me have such awful names. I have also tried to put settlements in logical places - many fantasy maps have huge cities in the middle of no-where and then have huge rivers with no towns or settlements on!

    At the moment I've not designated forests or woods, and there is a hint of where marshland could be. But its a grwoing realm and seems to be the one fromwhich I shall base my RPG campaign on. Its has a darkages level of technology....
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