The Factory - Speakeasy / Night Club/ Brothel

Done as floor plans, this is based off of a remodeled Factory Warehouse for an illicit hidden club suitable for modern era games.It is based on a Chicago style warehouse / factory. It has 4 Stories and a Basement, with Roof Maps. I use it as the main headquarters for the local organized crime boss.

I included a PDF with a room schedule for clarificication.
  1. Room Schedule- 
This is a list of all the rooms in the Warehouse / Nightclub / Brothel
  2. The factory Front Axon
  3. The Factory rear axon
  4. The Factory 1st floor
  5. The Factory 2nd floor
  6. The Factory 3rd floor & Roof
  7. The Factory 4th Floor suites
  8. The Factory basement
  9. The Factory roof
  10. The Factory section1
  11. The Factory section2
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