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03-04-2012, 12:54 PM
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  1. Dano13
    My Complements. Whenever I look at a Creative Endeavor I always look for that which inspires my imagination. In the case of this artistic example I have found several that meet that criteria.
    1. The rounded mountains and hills. The fact that there are no tall mountains leads me to believe that this is an ancient land, not in people, but in geography. That nature and time have worn on the land. The fact that trees are present says to me the land still has fertile grounds and is viable rather than a desert.
    2. The peoples of this land live in City States rather nations. The use of flags in normal maps usually represent Political Unions or Nations of peoples. In this case I would say the people of this land would be similar to those of Greece, small city states who would unite against invaders, but fractured in local disputes.
    3. A unique geography. The first thing that jumped out at me was the small bay within the island, the island within the bay, the bay within the continent, and (imagination) the continent within an ocean. This is what I would classify as a cyclic pattern and adds to the ancientness of this land. The peoples and the land itself have gone through cycles and ages of endless conflict and resolution.
    4. The Colors being shades of each other lends itself to a sense of weariness, a tiredness that can only come from long experience and an exhausting history.
    5. A Beautiful Compass. A Compass was similar to a coat of arms of a knight. The cartographer would put a compass in a design that other cartographers could recognize as to who had done the map. Because accuracy in the maps were it's most important asset, they could not be creative beyond that accuracy except in the compass.
    A beautiful artistic piece. Again my compliments.
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