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Egyptian Tomb: Burial Chamber

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03-05-2012, 01:10 AM
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  1. Great maps. What software did you use to make this one?
  2. WEP11
    Wow, these look great ! I could never really master the art of making truly tileable tiles, thus my maps tend to be solid colors. We stopped using battle maps in our DnD campaign and turn to more primitive drawings. I used to like sitting down and making them (I used default tiles, nothing fancy) until one day my players said they liked the streamlined and more imaginative approach. I still make city and regional maps though, its probably my favorite part of being a DM. I'd be interested in knowing which software you used also, its always good to expand my horizons of software. I'm pretty much stuck on gimp though
  3. wowhunter1967
    Great looking maps and tile work
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