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11-01-2010, 08:37 AM
Maps by Ramah
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    Hmm. I thought the Gallery would be only of maps. The quality of this girl's image is quite wonderful, in fact, it's about what I've been looking for for my characters. I'm not sure about asking you, but... I will.

    Could you take a look at my story's site - especially at the race named, Torph. The DNA of this race is roughly 20% amphibian. The girl, Kayla, however, while still being of amphibian origin, will look human-like.

    Could you give me an idea of how you could handle a job like this? (I doubt you'd do it for nothing.)



    In Search of the Seventh Kingdom

    Test Book Trailer Videos:
    first version

    second version

    I'm hoping that as I find more time, and experiment with the proper software, my next versions will become much better. My plan for a third test video will include the use of some voices to replace the typed text.
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