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NEW inner sea map.

colour mock-up of the new version of the Elyden Map

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08-09-2012, 07:26 AM
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  1. Church PS
    This is brilliant, I mean brilliant! Thanks for sharing it and inspiring!
  2. rainexpert
    This is an amazing map. I could pore over it for hours. Thank you.
  3. T.A.Roe
    Very exciting map. I love everything about this. I wish I could see how you made it. Is there specialized software involved or did you do this entirely freestyle in an app like Photoshop?
  4. vorropohaiah
    @T.A.Roe - it's just photoshop. the original map was drawn by hand on an A2-sized paper, and photographed and worked over, though i've changed the coastline and landmasses so many times it's only vaguely similar to the original.
  5. Stevena37
    Very intriguing. I like your artwork.
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