The Adventures of Calan Stonebridge

Encounter maps I created to tell the story of Calan Stonebridge's first adventure
  1. Crew quarters and cargo hold
  2. The captain of the Promise of Fire smuggling ship, Merlan Seascar's private cabin and office.
  3. The Promise of Fire smuggling ship
  4. The  Axe and Stump Tavern
  5. Northrun river encounter
  6. Blackfire Cut
  7. Mennas House Basement
  8. The Sewer Entrance
  9. The Stables: Once again hiding, Young Calan discovers a passageway to the dark depths of the sewers below Riverhewn....
  10. Dark Meeting: Hiding in the rafters above the private room, Calan Stonebridge overheard the discussion of a "Great Treasure"....
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