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07-21-2012, 12:53 AM
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  1. Wow, Awesome map! I'm really wanting to make a hex map, but I don't know hot to assemble one on the computer... is there a program to do this?
  2. imredave
    The hexes in this one were done in paintshop pro using its vector layer to draw a single hexagon, then cloning it into a row of ten, grouping that row of ten and cloning it into a patch of 10 rows of 10, etc until I have filled a sheet with hexagons. I then used it as an overlay layer on my base map. If you can use vector hexagons then you can the hexagons up and down to match your scale. I have also played with raster hexagons, but then you have to resize the base picture instead of the hexagons.
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