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Dreamrift v2 min

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07-05-2013, 10:32 AM
Ave Tenebrae
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  1. Ilanthar
    A reworked map of dreamrift resized at 60%. Legend on a separate file.
  2. DreamingNomad
    I'm in amazement looking at the map... just thinking about where i could be on it and what could be happening. love it!!!

    what do you use to create such a masterpiece?...
  3. Ilanthar
    Thanks a lot ! It took me a long time to do the first version. This new version is mainly due to the new things I learned (a lot thanks to the guild ;-)

    I am a long time user of Paint Shop Pro... and have re-used the old version of the map and free-to-use brushes.
  4. DreamingNomad
    Thats interesting, as I'm trying to use Campaign Cartographer... which is helpful for making random shaped edges when building islands and so on.
    I assume you have created the edges of your lands entirely from fresh?

    I'm trying to be able to create a map so I can then go on and build my story around some characters and ideas I have.
  5. Ilanthar
    In fact, the coastline is based on an estimation of the shape of the world in 250 millions years. With some interpretations and changes in order to fit into my rpg world of course !
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