What would the world be like with the power of the gods made an everyday commodity?
  1. Oryktogi was the swampy home of Artemis and Apollo, until they broke apart, and Apollo now puts his hands into everything.
  2. Tambria has had a few patron gods over the decades, being that it is on the front line between civilization and the brutal Cusp.
  3. Makitan, Aphrodite's country. Second country colonized, and has one of the oldest cities on the continent.
  4. Beozall is a mostly desert country patroned by Demeter. Simply put, she saved it from the wrath of Ares. Mother's Mount is the remnants of that...
  5. A world map! Paidixira was really my main focus the whole time, so the Megacontinent in the middle is really under produced.
  6. Just so that we know where I came from, here's my first ever version of Tu' Atriah.
  7. Man, I was so proud of this Tu' Atriah map. Such is the creative process an iterative one.
  8. Tu' Atriah with possible cloud placements and air currents.
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