This is a wip album containing the development and evolution of a fantasy medieval city, or rather a small section of it. The city is drawn in an isomorphic projection. The inspiration comes from the popular rpg Exalted. I am trying to give this city a desert/Arabian Nights theme. And of course I am doing it all in photoshop and illustrator, and using a wacom bamboo to hand draw the whole thing.
  1. Completed the drawing of all the buildings.  Took me quite some time.  Now it is time to add little details as I go along, and to also color this map.
  2. Completed some more of the north side.  Taking a long time to finish this one.
  3. More detail to the buildings and also adding in fountains, statues, monuments, etc.  I am also including random people, mainly to keep in mind the...
  4. I have begun to add details to the blocks making them into real buildings.
  5. I have created all the isomorphic blocks that represent the basic shape of the city and its buildings.  also the main road and city wall, and the...
  6. Basic layout and plan for the city, or at least the section of city that the map will represent.  This image includes an isomorphic grid.
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