Finished battlemaps.

I recently started producing battlemaps for my weekly gaming group.
Initially, the idea was to save time during the game session and not slow down the action too much.
Then I realized that it allowed me to use more complex maps that would be annoying to draw...
And then, of course, I slowly started to prettify them...
Anyway, in this folder are the maps I draw for my group...

I also want to mention all the gratitude I own to the people over at the Dundjinni forums that produced most of the elements I use to populate these maps...
  1. Breeding pool
  2. Yuan ti temple  Lower level
  3. Yuan ti temple
  4. Ambush site
  5. Duergar Forge
  6. Golden Elk Hull
  7. Golden Elk Main Deck
  8. Golden Elk Aftcastle
  9. Marrowdrinker's Warehouse
  10. Sunken Temple  damaged
  11. Jumping Dward Inn 2
  12. Temple de Moradin
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