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The Theodinnes - illustration of why fewer altitude bands can be better than more, with Fractal Terrains worlds -- one can imagine broad swaths of one color to be flat-ish, whereas up close FT had Seriously Jaggy surfaces everywhere. You can get varied degrees of fractal roughness, but only by lots of editing. Those ferociously meandering rivers had to be wiggled into place by hand. With a mouse. I really should have borrowed my daughter's tablet...

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01-14-2011, 10:51 PM
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  1. Aenigma
    It looks beautiful. What program do you use for this?
  2. jbgibson
    It started with ProFantasy's Fractal Terrains. That generated the basic topography, and suggested plausible rivercourses. I then did a bunch of editing and political geography with Serif PhotoPlus. That link is the current version ... they offer an older version free as a teaser. Even that free version may do everything I did on this map. I actually have an intermediate one, probably five or six years back, that does the however-many-percent of PhotoShop's capability that I need.
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