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wall city

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11-08-2011, 11:29 AM
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  1. really great!

    how would you describe the spirit of those cities. to me it seems they have a "high fantasy" flavor (like in minas tirith from lotr) but also a good tast of realism in it. is there a world you would picture your maps in?
  2. Gluhoded
    it's exactly like that - it's a high fantasy world with some "slightly believable" elements (the city should make as much sense as possible but still look nice in my imagination) this one had one limitation - the city's role is guarding a huge fortress that guards a mountain pass - everything else was derived from the topography of a mountain pass and from trying to imagine how a city like that would work
  3. Belisarius07
    These are some very excellent "doodles". Hope to see more of your great work!
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