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airship port

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11-08-2011, 11:30 AM
Hand Drawn Doodles
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  1. great work! very impressive.

    do you use those maps for something? maybe RPG?
    how do you fill the (grey) streets, and what pencil do you use?

    and one thing. whats with the docks in this map? air ships?
  2. Gluhoded
    No, I don't use 'em for anything, though i think they'll work ok for an RPG game. grey streets - soft pencil & then smear with a cotton swab.
    lines were done with a regular HB pencil, and the smear with B6 i think.

    yeah the docks are for air ships.
  3. TheHoarseWhisperer
    Just seen your maps on the random maps section of the homepage. I like your style!
  4. Gluhoded
    thanks a lot! glad to hear :-]
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